In the beginning…

I may have borrowed that from somewhere.


Before I start posting my photos for this project I just wanted to write a short post explaining what this project is.

The Eight Frames project is my effort to become a better photographer through film photography. I have chosen to use a film camera because it forces me to slow down my process and to carefully consider everything I do. When I shoot digital I often move so fast that half the time I don’t even know what I am doing. My hope by using my new eBay purchase of a Fujica GSW690 120mm camera I will be able to analyse my shooting abilities and grow as an image maker.

Just to clarify, a Fujica GSW690 is a mechanical camera that takes rolls of 120mm film. It has a fixed 65mm lens that gives a nice wide angle image. This camera makes large negatives, 6x9cm, and therefor only fits 8 pictures per roll. That’s where the name of the project came form.

For this project I have set up a few rules to help confine my work a little and to push me in the direction I want to go.

  1. As much as possible, each roll of film will be shot in the same photo session with out spreading the eight frames out over several days.
  2. The rolls will be numbered in order, starting at 1 and counting up.
  3. Every roll will be shown in full and in order on the blog.
  4. Every image on the blog will be accompanied by some comment about that image.
  5. Each roll will also be commented on as a whole.
  6. There will only be one roll per post, new rolls will be posted as fast as is reasonably possible.
  7. The subject matter of the images is open.
  8. The same picture will not be taken twice in a row.
  9. These rules are best viewed as guidelines.


Author: allenbaird

I am a graduate of the Pratt Institute of Art in Brooklyn with an MFA in photography. I live on the big island of Hawaii with my girlfriend Laura, and I love photography and comic books.

3 thoughts on “In the beginning…”

    1. Thank you for saying so. It means a lot when someone takes the time to leave positive comments. So far I have loved this camera, the image quality is very high and the cost is quite reasonable. I highly recommend it for someone who is looking to get into medium format rangefinders. Do get a good camera strap though, this beast is a bit on the heavy side.

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