Roll 1

The first roll of film from the Eight Frames project.


The first roll to come out of a new camera is always very exciting. I was a little nervous about it, this is after all a camera that is over 25 years old and traveled across the ocean to get to me. Would it function properly? Will the images be in focus? Will I be paralyzed with the fear of making bad photos? But it seems that everything is working fine. Now that my first couple rolls of film have been processed and scanned I can start this project in earnest.

This first roll is Kodak Ektar 100, one of my favorite color films. I have to confess that this particular roll was not stored properly before use, and that in fact I had left it in the side pouch of a camera bag that I then left in the trunk of my car for several weeks. It gets rather hot and sunny here in Hawai’i, and it’s possible that the quality of this roll was thrown off just a bit. Overall though the colors don’t seem all that bad.

Roll 1 Frame 1
Frame 1

Seeing this image first made me worried that the heat had messed up my film more that I thought it would, but it was probably just the strong morning light coming in my direction.

Roll 1 Frame 2
Frame 2

The flooded skate park caught my eye as an interesting subject, but I chose too low of a shutter speed and got a blurry image. Also I noticed the white truck in the background too late…

Roll 1 Frame 3
Frame 3

So I broke my rule about not taking the same photo twice. They are only guidelines anyway. This image came out in focus and with out the truck driving by, so over all I am happier with it. There may have been better, more interesting, ways to photograph this subject however.

It rains quite a lot here, so I am sure I’ll get another chance at it if I really want to.

Roll 1 Frame 4
Frame 4

I like the effect that the wet road has in this image. I was a little worried that the trees and foreground would be completely blacked out, but I like the little detail that showed up on the film. I’m not sure why there is a black bar at the top of the image, maybe it was a scanning error? I haven’t seen it show up in any other images so far, I’ll just have to keep an eye out in the future.

Roll 1 Frame 5
Frame 5

This seemed like a good idea at the time, now it really doesn’t.

Roll 1 Frame 6
Frame 6

This is a good example of when a scene in front of you as a photographer seems like it would make a wonderful picture, but turns out not at all how you imagined it. It can be hard to remember that a camera doesn’t see the world in the same way your eye does, but in very bright or very dark situations it’s important to think about. By this point it was getting late in the morning and the sun was quite strong.

The small grave yards in the area where I live are very interesting subjects, but I want to make sure that I am not being disrespectful when I photograph them.

Roll 1 Frame 7
Frame 7

This small building is Seventh Day Adventist Church building. There are a lot of small churches scattered around Hawai’i Island, and I think that many would be good photographic subjects. They could be a coffee table book all on their own. Now that I am looking at this image, I wish I had gotten the door to be more in the center of the steps and porch.

Roll 1 Frame 8
Frame 8

Power lines are something that I feel detract from an image about 90% of the time, but here they might be OK. I wasn’t really thinking about the power lines when I made this image, I was just looking at the store fronts across the street. That is often the problem with power lines, you forget they are there until well after the you’ve clicked the shutter button. Oh well, it’s just something to try to be aware of in the future.

Over all I am happy with this roll. There aren’t any really stand out images, but this was something of a test roll. Now that I know the camera is in good working order and that the light meter app on my phone is at least in the ball park on it’s readings I can start photographing with more confidence. I’ve got several more rolls waiting to ship out today, and my second roll just needs a little Photoshop touch-up to be ready for posting.


Author: allenbaird

I am a graduate of the Pratt Institute of Art in Brooklyn with an MFA in photography. I live on the big island of Hawaii with my girlfriend Laura, and I love photography and comic books.

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