Roll 3

Down the street again.


After Roll 1 didn’t quite come off the way I had hoped I tried shooting in town again, only this time much earlier. I didn’t realize just how harsh the light was by 9:30am last time, so ¬†this time I started¬†about half an hour after dawn when the town was still more or less empty. I like to be able to take photos with out too many cars parked in the way, and this morning was a perfect time to work.

This roll was shot on Fujicolor Pro 400H film.

Roll 3 Frame 1
Frame 1

I like this picture. I like the way the eye is drawn into the background by both the angle of the street and it’s buildings and also the natural vignetting from the low angle of the sun. The bike against the telephone pole is a nice element in the middle-ground as well. The depth of color in this image is what I imagine when I am taking pictures here, I really like how it came out on this film. This is probably my favorite image on this roll, a strong start.

Roll 3 Frame 2
Frame 2

I seem to have held the camera ever so slightly askew here. It’s a habit I’ve noticed I have fallen into from time to time. One of my hopes for this project is that by working more slowly and deliberately my in camera framing will improve.

Roll 3 Frame 3
Frame 3

Is the house crooked or is the street on a hill in this image? I don’t believe the street is anything but flat here, but I’ve never noticed that building to be at any strange angle either. I also wish I had not clipped of the very end of the corner of the roof. I do like that the ramp and the telephone pole on the right were wholly included. Chopping off items at the edge of the frame is another aspect of composition to work on.

Roll 3 Frame 4
Frame 4

I’ve wanted to try a few images in a more close-up fashion. The GSW690ii has a minimum focusing distance of about 1 meter, so micro photography is out. But this image was taken at about 1.5 meters and the foreground is perfectly sharp. There are a lot of interesting varieties of bananas in Hawai’i and I’m not sure what kind these are. They were tasty however.

I am glad that the camera is able to work this close to the subject. I bought it with the intent to use it for more landscape and architectural work, but it’s nice to have some flexibility. Some day I’ll have to try portraits.

Roll 3 Frame 5
Frame 5

The Theatre (I know how it’s spelled, read it on the building for yourself) is the main landmark in town. I like the look of the building, and it often has very dramatic lighting. This morning wasn’t quite the best, but I wanted to give it a try. Because of the position of the sun just out of the right side of the frame things here are a little washed out. What I really want to do is to take a picture of the building at night with a little fog and the front lights on. I’ll need a better tripod for that.

Roll 3 Frame 6
Frame 6

I like that this image has a sense of motion to it, despite everything in it being static. The power lines and the cross walk (if you continue the line) meet up in the upper right corner and expand outwards. I also like how the cross walk leads straight up to the pay phone. Honoka’a is kind of an old-time town, and pay phones are still a going thing here, phone book and all.

Roll 3 Frame 7
Frame 7

In this photo I wanted the foreground element of the sign to bring the viewer into the photo. On the one hand the photo works because the sign’s arrow points into the interior of the picture and everything is still in focus. The problem is that there isn’t all that much happening farther into the image. Still, I am glad to be able to experiment with the technical capabilities of the camera.

Roll 3 Frame 8
Frame 8

This was a little later in the day, up at Pu’u Huluhulu just off the Saddle road. The clouds moved in while I was up there and stuck around all afternoon. It’s not what I expected, but sometimes you just make the best of things. No dramatic images of Mauna Kea to be found that day. More of this area to come in the next post!

I really like how the color came out in this roll. The Fujicolor Action 400H isn’t a film I have used before but it did such a great job here that I will defiantly be ordering some more. There are so many aspects of Hawai’i that need to be in color, and finding a good film to use is one of my priorities. This film is a strong contender. Having the flexibility of the 400 ISO was also very helpful.

I think for now I have taken enough photos here in Honoka’a Town, and that in the future I will probably be moving out around the island more. The last image on this roll was taken up on the slopes of Mauna Kea, and the next few rolls will be form that hike. More coming soon.


Author: allenbaird

I am a graduate of the Pratt Institute of Art in Brooklyn with an MFA in photography. I live on the big island of Hawaii with my girlfriend Laura, and I love photography and comic books.

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